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Updated: Apr 13

At the end of 2022, during a fact-finding trip to Utah, our team were lucky enough to experience the world's greatest Hyper-Reality experience. Nestled in a test and development site in the Utah town of Bluffdale, the visionary James Jenson and his team at Limitless Flight have taken the world of immersive experiences to a new giddy height.

If you are anything like us then you will have dreamed of flying? James, the creator of The VOID, and his team are using cutting-edge technology to create hyper-detailed 3D landscapes of some of the world’s most breathtaking BASE jumps—the kind of jumps only the best of the best attempt.

Now it’s your turn.

Step into a real wingsuit, slide on our custom VR helmet, and take the leap to experience our innovative next-level hyperreality and multi-sensory stimulation. Life is full of moments that take your breath away. This is one of them. Believe you can fly and then make it happen. It could change your life.

JUMP challenges the limits of imagination and provides hyperreal, multi-sensory experiences (think BASE jumping off a cliff without the risk), helping people to reach a flow state and overcome fear. James Jensen believes most psychological disorders are rooted in fear. Overcoming any fear—no matter how small—can be extremely empowering.

If the first trial is able to prove that JUMP can induce a flow state, a future trial will look at whether large “doses” of flow from JUMP could benefit a person’s physical and psychological state. JUMP seeks to encourage its guests to overcome the initial, gut-punch fear of jumping out of a plane and off of a cliff. This strongly aligns with the mission and methods of the Flow Research Collective.

In 2023 the team won the coveted THEA award for outstanding achievement in providing a leading immersive experience. NEWVU are delighted to be partnering with Limitless Flight to deliver the experience to venues around the world. Keep an eye on our sites and socials and get in line for your JUMP!

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