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Updated: Apr 13

We are thrilled that our educational NEWVU Academy platform has become an approved activity provider of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. With over four hundred thousand young people taking on the multi-skill programme we are delighted to be offering members the chance to complete one of their skills choices with the in-depth digital careers tools and Esports tools in our academy platform.

On his recent appointment as the new Duke of Edinburgh, His Royal Highness commented,

“Some say The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is in my DNA; it’s certainly been a major part of my life for a very long time. Being asked to take on the role of Patron after my father is a particular honour and quite a responsibility. Sustaining and enhancing what is arguably his greatest legacy around the world matters a great deal to me, as does pursuing The Award’s long-term ambition of universal access so that every eligible young person has the opportunity to participate. Above all, I hope to ensure The Award to which my father gave his title, those that achieve it, and those who deliver it continue to enjoy the recognition they so richly deserve.”

The aims of providing universal access and opportunity are greatly supported by NEWVU's all access platform. We provide a new choice to those that take part in the scheme. Users will take part in a 3 month course, delivered online.

For more information on the NEWVU Duke of Edinburgh partnership and on how to take part click here.

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